Using EXE to MSI Converter to Create GPO Friendly Installers

I would first like to thank Brian Moskalik for showing me the way. I had tried the EXE to MSI Converter prior to trying AppDeploy without any success. Brian indicated that I was likely using the “Free” version which is stripped down of pretty much any usefulness as no program seemed to work with it.

With that being said here are some very simple instructions for using the EXE to MSI Converter software by Qwerty Lab (

Give it a try. It’s very easy.

Click Here to download instructions

Again, Thank you to Brian for pointing this out.


3 thoughts on “Using EXE to MSI Converter to Create GPO Friendly Installers

  1. Right now I am using Group Policy to push the following program. (I’ll note the program used to create the MSI)

    SMART Notebook (SMART Install Manager)
    SMART Response (SMART Install Manager)
    SMART Drivers (SMART Install Manager)
    SMART Gallery
    SMART Activity Toolkit
    Adobe Flash (free deployment agreement)
    Adobe Shockwave (free deployment agreement)
    CamStudio (AppDeploy)
    Audacity (AppDeploy)
    Photostory (downloaded as MSI)
    Java (Extracted from EXE)
    Skype (EXE to MSI)
    GIMP (EXE to MSI)
    Accelerated Reader Plugins (downloaded as MSI)
    EZ GPO power management (downloaded as MSI)
    Screwdrivers (downloaded as MSI)

    I’m sure there are a few others that we are pushing out to staff. I deploy some products differently than others. Some are Assigned and install automatically, others staff have the option to go into Add/Remove Programs and choose the Install Software from the Network and install it. You need to test this option first as some do not work well doing it this way. Also test to see that the software can be uninstalled when you remove it from the Policy.

    Testing has been the most important part. Just because you have an MSI doesn’t mean Group Policy is going to push it out the way you think it should. Case in point would be Quicktime. The MSI extracted from the installer package still doesn’t work without some sort of modification. I’m still working to find what those mods are.

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