Using Skype in your classroom

Skype is a great program that can be used to make calls from your computer to someone elses computer for free. This can help reduce long distance charges. You can also do free computer to computer conference calls and video calls.

How can Skype be utilized in a classroom environment? Here are just a few ideas you can consider when you decide if Skype is a program you’d like to start using.

  • Make FREE voice/video calls to long distance colleagues
  • Make FREE conference voice/video calls to long distance colleagues
  • Make FREE voice/video calls to class pen pals
  • Hold meetings with colleagues to reduce travel
  • Invite speakers into your class virtually with FREE voice/video calls
  •  Share a speaker/s with another class or school with FREE voice/video calls
  • Make FREE voice/video calls to sick/absent students
  • Share your computer screen with others for FREE (similar to a webinar)
  • Share files with others for FREE
  • Share contacts with others for FREE
  • Chat/text with others for FREE
  • Make FREE voice/video calls to people from foreign countries
  • Use to train a colleague on a process/task
  • Encourage students to use to collaborate on homework outside of class
  • Invite a published author to read to students via Skype for FREE
  • Invite Federal, State, or local politicians to speak to class via Skype for FREE
  • Make yourself available to parents for voice/video calls outside of school hours
  • Video conference tutoring
  • Take your class on a virtual field trip
  • Team teach a class using video calls for FREE

If you find these ideas might work in your classroom please go to the Help Desk site ( and create a ticket requesting Skype be installed or simply e-mail Deb, Sara, or myself and we’ll schedule a time to get the software installed.

*Making calls from your computer to an actual phone is not free*

*When creating a Skype account DO NOT use your P-E-M e-mail address*

*You need a microphone to make voice calls and a webcam to make video calls*

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