What is CamStudio? Why use it?

CamStudio is a program that allows you to record a video of what you are doing on your computer without any other hardware needed. If you have a microphone you can also record your voice and narrate as you record. Check out the CamStudio website for more information from the creators at http://www.camstudio.org.

Here are a few ways you could utilize CamStudio in your classroom or office.

  • Create easy to follow instructional videos for colleagues
  • Record a lesson/s for a sub to play for your class in your absence
  • Record a lesson/s to post to your website for students to access from home
  • Record a lesson/s to send to absent students
  • Record video tips for classroom assignments for students to view at home/study hall
  • Record video tutorials to use during class to enhance lecture time
  • Assign video assignments to students instead of or in addition to regular papers
  • Create instructional videos for yourself of tasks performed on an infrequent basis that are hard to remember
  • Create mid-term reports for students showing some of their digital work
  • Create a video instruction going through a list of tasks for a sub to complete in your absence.

These and many other uses are why I have decided to implement the CamStudio software on all computers in the district. You can also download and install the software for FREE on your home computer by clicking on this link http://www.camstudio.org/CamStudio20.exe.

For more information check with me and I can help you out with utilizing the software.

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