Looking for summer volunteers

This summer the Technology Department will have a reduced workforce which means summer projects will be harder to complete without this manpower. We will be working to get volunteers from the community to work this summer for the Technology Department.

We aren’t asking staff to volunteer (but you may if you want) but we are asking if you have children that are going to be seniors or juniors next year and you are looking for something for them to do that you would contact Matt Anderson.

Volunteers do not need to have any technical ability, but should be able to take direction and be prepared to work in a fast paced environment. An indpendent worker will be great as we will be giving direction and then left to complete the task.

Below are some of the tasks we may ask of volunteers:

  • Unboxing computer equipment
  • Disposal of cardboard and other packaging waste
  • Moving large number of computers
  • Assisting in the mounting of SMART Board/s that need to be moved
  • Dismantling of computer lab
  • Imaging of computers (some technical ability preferred but not required)
  • Cleaning of computers
  • Cleaning of laptops
  • Inventory of equipment

If you know of someone who might be interested in volunteering some of their time this summer please have them contact me. You can send them to the following website to fill out a form that I can use to contact them setup a schedule with them.

Click Here for Volunteer Form

There is a chance that we won’t have the time to complete all the necessary projects this summer if we don’t have this additional help.

Thank you,

P-E-M Technology Department


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