End of Year Technology Checklist

I have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts that you should consider when getting ready to leave for the summer. The technologies you are using may need some minor maintenance before you leave and we have some instructions for you.


  • Wash your SMART Board with whiteboard cleaner or watered down windex
  • Wipe down your monitor with a slightly damp cloth
  • Remove all CD’s/DVD’s/Floppy Disks/USB Flash drives from your computer
  • Delete any files from your Desktop/N: Drive/J: Drive/ M: Drive that you do not need
  • Turn off desktop
  • Turn off projector
  • Turn in laptop for maintenance on Friday June 4th or August 2nd
  • Lock up devices such as Elmo, Senteo, Camera, etc.
  • Create a ticket for any existing problems you know of regarding your technologies
  • Check the lab/s nearest your room to turn all computers off
  • E-mail me or call and speak directly to me before coming in to work on your computer to ensure all is working
  • Create a ticket for any special requests such as installing software, moving equipment, removing equipment, etc (http://support.isd2899.k12.mn.us/support)


  • Don’t use abrasive materials to clean any electronic equipment (i.e. scrubber pads, steel wool, etc)
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners to clean any electronic equipment (i.e. amonia, bleach, pledge, etc)
  • Don’t leave your computer on
  • Don’t leave your projector on
  • Don’t forget to turn in your laptop at one of the specified times for maintenance (Friday June 4th or August 2nd)
  • Don’t disconnect your desktop computer
  • Don’t assume we’ll find and fix problems. Create a ticket (http://support.isd2899.k12.mn.us/support)
  • Don’t assume your computer is operational this summer. Speak to Deb, Sara, or myself to ensure it is functional or risk lost time.
  • Don’t leave expensive equipment lying around. Lock it up.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Summer hours for Deb, Sara, and myself will be less consistent than during the year so make sure you e-mail whomever you are trying to contact before coming in so we can schedule you in. Appointments are preferred as our time is stretched thin this summer.

Thank you,

P-E-M Technology Department


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