Bandwidth Upgrade

Over the final month of school this year we had many problems with not enough Internet bandwidth. I am happy to announce that our Internet Service Provider (ISP) has agreed to increase our current Internet bandwidth from 3MB to 10MB at no additional cost to the district.

How is this possible?

We signed a contract with US Cable the year we consolidated Plainview and Elgin-Millville schools together. At that time the cost for Internet in our area was much higher. As a result US Cable reviewed our billing upon my request and adjusted our services to match current pricing for our area. This means we are able to upgrade our Internet bandwidth from 3MB to 10MB for free.

This will not affect our contract in any way. It will not extend our contract or shorten it. Everything stays the same except for the bandwidth.

This is a wonderful thing for our district and we should see a difference in Internet speeds starting right now. This doesn’t mean we will never need more bandwidth, but it solves a problem we recently started having.

Thank you all for your patience at the end of the school year. I know it was frustrating having slow Internet during that last month of school.

I would finally like to thank US Cable for being willing to adjust our contract. They didn’t have to do this. I would also like to thank them for giving us temporary bandwidth increases on our MCA II online testing days to allow us to complete these tests.


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