New Internet Filter Installed

Today I completed the installation of our newest services at P-E-M Community School. I will explain in a follow-up post the reasons we chose the product but for now I’d just like to introduce you to our new product.

Company Name: Lightspeed Systems
Product Name:
Lightspeed Total Traffic Control 8.x (TTC)

Company Website:


  • Internet Content Filtering
  • SPAM filtering
  • Antivirus
  • E-mail Archiving
  • Network Bandwidth Monitoring & Control

This new product allowed us to reduce the number of products we maintained from 3 to 1 and added E-mail Archiving and Network Bandwidth Monitoring & Control that we never had before.

With all the added features it has also reduced our costs for these services considerably by packaging them all together.

As an end-user you might be wondering how all of these changes will affect you. Below I will lay out, by-product, what you need to know to get started.

Internet Content Filter

The only thing that has changed is the message page you get when you attempt to access a site that is being blocked. Instead of the Smart Filter page you will see a screen similar to the one below. Another difference is how the filter blocks and overrides sites. The filter will allow some sites to be overridden by staff and some that will never likely be able to be overridden (the really bad stuff). If you click the screenshot below you can see that there are two options you can click on. One allows you to override the filter for this site and the other allows you to submit the site for review. This is the same as the old filter. When you click on the override option you will get the same options as before to choose an override time and enter the same username and password you use to get into your computer.

The last bit of info you’ll need to know is how the filter blocks and overrides sites. Previously if you were to override the filter you were overriding the filter for everything. Now when you override the filter it will just override for the category the site belongs to on the server. So if you override something in the “Humor” category (Access Denied page shows the category at the top) it will override everything in the “Humor” category but everything in other categories such as “Adult” will still be blocked.

SPAM Filtering

The new SPAM filter does not require you to do anything differently. You will, however, receive an e-mail from the filter everyday at 5:00am giving you a summary of all e-mails blocked and all e-mails that made it to your inbox.

The purpose of this e-mail is to allow you as a user to check for yourself to see if any messages should not have been blocked or should have been blocked. You will have the option in the e-mail to block or unblock e-mails.

I will send out more information regarding this feature as I get more information.


There is nothing you need to do with the Antivirus program. That will be managed by the server.

E-mail Archiving

Currently we haven’t configured this but in the future when it is configured you will be able to retrieve an e-mail that may have been deleted by accident without ever consulting anyone in the Tech Department.

More information on this feature will be sent out when the service is employed.

Network Bandwidth Monitoring & Control

There is nothing you need to do with this feature. This is a feature I can use to determine if there are network bandwidth issues etc. It should make it easier to determine where network problems exist.

Overall the installation process of the new product went very well. We still have a lot of tweaking to do and learning. During workshop trainings you will be getting more information regarding these new features along with other products.

If you have questions feel free to e-mail me.


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