JMC IP Gradebook Setup Instructions

We are excited to announce that this year (assuming all goes as planned) you will not need to set up your JMC IP Gradebook or JMC Attendance. We have worked this summer to create a script that copies all the needed files to their correct locations within your profile and then create the appropriate shortcuts on your desktop.

Unfortunately we don’t have an accurate record of all the buildings everyone works in so we have simply created an icon for each building on your desktop. Those buildings you do not need, simply delete them.

As with anything there are always flaws and errors, so don’t fret if you don’t see your Gradebook program or Attendance shortcut on your desktop. Try rebooting your computer once and see if they show up. If not, create a ticket at (Click Open New Ticket) and we’ll help you ASAP. It will be a quick and easy fix.

For instructions on how to use the JMC Gradebook and Attendance program check out the Training section of this site at:

or find more JMC training resources at

Have a great start to the year.


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