*NEW* Txt Your Ticket

The P-E-M Technology Department is happy to announce a new feature to our Helpdesk.

If you have technical problems with any technologies at P-E-M you can now text us and a ticket will be created automatically for you.

How does it work?

First – Enter this phone number into your cell phone – (507) 722-1097

Second – Text us your problem including the following information

  • Name (First and Last preferred but not essential)
  • E-mail address or Windows Username
  • Brief explanation of the problem (be detailed but brief, you only have 160 characters. Abbreviations welcome)

Third – Your text message will be forwarded to the Helpdesk at http://support.isd2899.k12.mn.us/support and one of us will address your request in the order it has been received. We will e-mail or call you based on the request made.

That’s all it takes.

Why would I text my request?

There are times in which your Internet connection may be the problem thus e-mailing us might not be an option. Calling us may not prove useful either as leaving a message doesn’t ensure your request gets on the list in a timely manner.

We’re very excited to offer this new feature to staff. We encourage you to use any method of creating a ticket you are comfortable with. This is simply another option for those who prefer texting.


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