No More Roaming Profiles

We are considering disabling the Roaming Profiles feature for all staff this year and we would like your opinion and comments before doing so.

**Please read the info below, then answer the question above and click VOTE**

Comments can be left below by clicking the comments link

What is a Roaming Profile?

A Roaming Profile is a copy of your Desktop files, Favorites, some general settings you have setup such as desktop picture that is stored both on your computer and the server.

What is the point of a Roaming Profile?

The basic purpose is to allow you to log into any computer in the district and you will still get your Desktop files, Favorites, and other basic settings.

Why disable it?

Due to the increased size of users desktops and other files there have been major login/logout speed issues for staff.

There have also been issues with the size of profiles being too big which causes the profile to not sync with the server properly which has caused errors and even lost data.

What will I notice if it’s disabled?

You should see a reduction in the login/logout times almost immediately.

There won’t be files you deleted 2 months ago magically reappearing.

Will there be any negatives?

If disabled, when you log into any machine that isn’t your primary computer you will not get your Desktop files, Favorites, and basic user settings you have set.

Any machine you had logged into prior to the Roaming Profile being disabled will still have an old copy of your profile, so know that editing files on the desktop on that computer will not reflect those changes on any other computer.

What about my N: drive?

Your N: drive is not affected by Roaming Profiles in any way and is accessible on any computer district wide no matter what.

This also includes the J: drive, M: drive, & P: drive.

Time to Vote

Now that you’ve got all the information we’d like you to scroll back to the top of the page and answer the one question we have. Do you want us to disable this feature.

**Note: If more than 75% do not want the feature to be disabled then we will not disable it. Otherwise the feature will be disabled**


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