Rochester Half Marathon

It’s been nearly 1 week since the Rochester Half Marathon and I’m finally ready to talk about it. This race certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. The course had more hills than I had expected. My goal was to run the race in 1 hour and 45 minutes. That is an 8 minute mile average. I did not meet that goal.

I managed to run the first 5 miles at about an 8 minute mile. I was pretty happy about that since the first 5 miles have quite a few hills.

At mile 6 I hit my wall and never really recovered. I didn’t hit the wall because I was out of shape. I hit the wall for several reasons.

  • I only ate two 90 calorie granola bars for breakfast
  • I ran the first 5 miles too fast

Had I not done those two things the race would have ended up much more positive. I managed to finish the race in 2 hours and 31 seconds placing overall 274th.

I’m happy that I accomplished this but it still stings knowing I could have done better.


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