Shrinking pictures to upload to the web

By now most, if not all of us have had the opportunity to upload a picture to our website or e-mail a picture to a friend. Many times these pictures are from our own camera that we’ve taken. Sometimes these pictures are far too big to be uploading to the web or e-mailing to friends. Either the picture is rejected or it takes so long to upload that it’s not worth the time to do it.

How big is too big?

Typically a picture that you e-mail or upload should be no bigger than 100kb. Anything larger and it is truly bigger than it needs to be for a webpage or e-mail. If you need to share pictures at a higher quality then you should consider sharing the pictures in a different manner.

The solution

It is called Microsoft Office Picture Manager and it is installed on all of the district computers right now as a part of the Microsoft Office 2007 Suite.

This product allows you to manage your pictures and change the size of these pictures as you need. Watch the below video to see how to adjust the size of your pictures so that you can upload it easily to your webpage or send it via e-mail.


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