Can You See What VSee?

I have been in the need for a video conferencing solution that would assist our district technology committee operate smoother. I had a few requirements that I was specifically looking for that most of your standard video conferencing software options did not meet. My primary requirements are:

  • Product must be free
  • Must be able to have at least 3 video feeds
  • Must be able to have at least 3 audio feeds
  • Must be able to detect LAN connection to reduce Internet Bandwidth Usage

I set out to find a product such as this yesterday and the typical Skype, Oovoo, MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger was the most popular options people gave.

Finally today I stumbled upon what I believe to be my solution.

What is it?

The product is called VSee ( This product allows users to host video conference meetings with multiple participants using your webcam and a microphone. I have just begun testing the product and so far it seems like it could be the solution I’ve been looking for.

I am going to continue testing this product out but as it stands, this product meets all 4 of my stipulations. The free part is the only one that is in question right now. They do have monthly subscription costs for the service but I have submitted a request to them to see if education institutions that have a limited need for the product would need to pay.

Initial Highlights

A few of the initial highlights that I noticed right away were as follows:

  • Relatively small download (Just under 10MB)
  • Easy to Install (no settings)
  • Automatic account creation (Detects your Windows configured e-mail address and uses that as username)
  • Quick & Easy meeting setup (no cumbersome meeting setup)
  • Instant Messaging interface design
  • Automatic Webcam and Microphone setup
  • Screen & application sharing
  • Network Statistics (Shows how much bandwidth both Audio and Video of each connection utilizes)
  • Detect LAN connections and routes that traffic internally (Reduces Internet bandwidth usage)

Those are just some of the highlights I noticed within my first 10 minutes of using this software.

Initial Negatives

The only real negatives I’ve seen so far is the program did make my computer run a little sluggish when sharing an application. I can’t rule that as just bein the program as I had close to 20 different windows open so my computer may have just been having a tough time keeping up with everything.

I hope to do more evaluating of this product and posting back as to the success or failures of it, but for now, it seems to be a real promising product.


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