Weekly Lab Shutdown *NOTICE*

In an attempt to reduce energy costs we are implementing a scheduled weekly shutdown of all lab computers in the district.

One of our servers will send a command to each computer telling it to shutdown at 10:00pm every Friday.
The labs this will affect are as follows:

    K-3 Lab
    4-6 Lab
    7-8 Keyboarding Lab
    7-8 Media Center Lab
    9-12 Media Center Lab
    9-12 Business Lab

*This will not affect any staff computers*

If you happen to be using a computer in one of the above labs, please note that at 10:00pm every Friday, the computer will shutdown automatically. We chose 10:00pm as opposed to earlier times simply to ensure there wouldn’t be anybody on the computers as there is no cancel option.

If you are the person who shuts the lab computers down on a daily or weekly basis, please continue to do so. This is simply a backup plan if you forget.

Hopefully this will help us reduce a little bit of power consumption and help prolong the life of our lab computers.


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