New HelpDesk Attendant

The P-E-M Technology Department is happy to announce an addition to the Tech Department team. Her name is Diane Hartert and she will be our new IT HelpDesk Attendant.

The district was able to create this new position because of some very hard work by Katie Pepin, our Volunteer Coordinator (Click Here for Volunteer Opportunities). Having Diane will cost the district nothing but should help the department with some of our biggest shortcomings, namely communication.

The primary focus of the IT HelpDesk Attendant will be to ensure the Tech Department is communicating with our staff regarding open helpdesk requests.

To begin, Diane will simply be replying to your helpdesk requests and forwarding them on to Deb, Sara, or myself. As she learns the ropes more she will begin to take on a more intricate role in which she will be able to resolve minor issues and assign more complicated ones to the appropriate tech.

We are excited to add Diane to our team.

Below are a few questions we tried to anticipate you might have. If you have more questions feel free to email me or add a comment at the bottom of this post.
What are Diane’s hours?

Diane is scheduled to work Monday-Friday 8:00am to noon.

Does this change how I request support?

No. You will still create a ticket in the same way you always have by going to:, calling us, texting us, or submitting an e-mail.

What do I need to do as a staff member?

There is nothing you need to do differently. Diane will have a user account in the HelpDesk (ticket) system and will be able to respond to tickets as needed.

Can I call Diane for support?

In time yes you will be able to call her but for now she will only be using e-mail and the HelpDesk ticket system for communication. Once she has had more training we will have her taking and making phone calls.

Can Diane come to the lab or my classroom to fix things?

No. Her sole purpose is communication. She will not be a tech, per say, and thus she will remain in her office so she can attend to the tickets.

Can I go to her office to ask questions?

For now we would prefer that you use e-mail or the HelpDesk ticket system. As she gets more comfortable we may allow it, but it is best if her time is spent on responding to the HelpDesk tickets.

For questions in person check with Deb or Sara first as they have more training in technical issues currently

When does Diane start?

Diane started on October 26th. She has been training with Deb and Matt and will continue being trained for up to a month before she is fully ready for all responsibilites. Please be patient and understanding as she works to learn our system.

Was this position posted publicly?

No. This position is not an official position at the district. Diane is technically not an employee of the district either. She would be considered a volunteer. If Diane were to leave we would only fill the position with another volunteer at this time.

Are there plans to make this a permanent position at the district?

No. There are currently no plans to make this a permanent job offering for the district. It will remain a volunteer position. 

Why didn’t we get another tech. Isn’t that what we need more of?

If we could get more techs we would welcome it, but those are much harder to find as volunteers. The IT HelpDesk Attendant position is a need the department has had for a while and we hope filling the position will give our current techs more time to address technical issues.

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