The Magic Elixir is Still Here

Gone are the days of the magic elixir sales man who travels from town to town scamming people into buying some magic substance that will heal all their medical ailments.

Wait… No… Those days aren’t over. In fact, there are probably more “Magic Elixirs” now than there were before. They may not be more dangerous than some of the elixirs that had poisonous ingredients, but they are costing our society millions if not billions of dollars in wasted expenses every year.

Technology is not immune to these tactics and it’s amazing to talk to people who have been duped by these bogus products. I’m not going to call out any particular product but I have a hard time listening to these products claims to double your computer’s speed, or products that claim that viruses can damage your computer to the point it cannot be fixed so buy this product to fix it.

These companies prey on people who have little to no knowledge of their own computer for their own personal gain. It is unethical and just plain mean. I’m all for charging to remove a virus, but to sell someone a product that is likely causing more problems than it fixes is a problem.

I’m not sure what the solution is, but I find that these garbage companies would have a harder time succeeding if radio and tv stations would be a little more careful about who they allow to pay for advertising time on their respective stations. It’s one thing to get duped from a product found on the Internet. It’s another to get duped by a crappy company you heard about on the radio.

I have no true answer, but it really frustrates me how our radio and tv is so quick to take advertising dollars that they don’t consider the products they are advertising.

With the holidays here, it is only going to get worse, so do your best to inform staff, students and others to avoid these bogus products. If you can prevent someone from buying into these bogus products it will make your job a little easier in the end. Too often we end up hearing the horror stories from our co-workers and they hope you can help them. Hopefully prevention will result in those companies going brankrupt sooner rather than later.


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