*NEW* Read & Write Gold Released

We are happy to announce that the Read & Write Gold software has been installed on our server and is ready for students and staff to begin using.

All users should see a new Read Write Gold icon on their desktops now. The first time you open the program it will indicate that there is no user created for you and it will ask if you would like the system to create one for you. Click Yes.

What is Read & Write Gold?

Read&Write GOLD is the award-winning literacy software solution that allows struggling students to access any curriculum and complete reading, writing, and research assignments as well as take tests independently.

What can it do for students?

  • Improves Reading Fluency and Comprehension
  • Facilitates Research, Writing, and Test Taking
  • Encourages Independence and Inclusion
  • Provides Tools Suited for Instructional Support Across all RTI Tiers
  • Supports the Principles of UDL
  • Integrates with Mainstream Windows Applications
  • Includes Powerful Teacher Support Tools

What does it look like?

For more information Click Here


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