Six Pounds in 2 Days… Really?

First off… This blog was supposed to be a personal web journal for me and me alone. So what happened? I didn’t write anything.

Why Not?

I kept trying to write for someone, for an audience.

Well, here goes… I am no longer writing for anyone but myself, which brings me to the subject of this first post.

Technically I didn’t gain six pounds in 2 days, it’s more like six pounds in four days. So the weekend wasn’t awesome, and Tuesday was horrible but come on! How is it if I was almost perfect on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday yet I still have the weight. I’ve also run pretty much everyday as well.

I woke up with back pain on Tuesday morning so I didn’t run Tuesday but have run every other day. I’m having a hard time wanting to stay committed to this weight loss program if all it takes is 1 bad day to reverse like 2-3 weeks worth of work.

Is it really that I’m getting old and I have to work that much harder? Or am I just not working hard enough?

Could be a little bit of both. I guess I just need to keep on going and just push through it and hope that this was just a fluke.


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