Success is About the Right Attitude

Yesterday I went for a 3 mile run and it felt great. I did have to walk for about 20-30 seconds but I still had a time under 24 minutes so I’m pretty happy about that.

My back seems to be getting quite close to 100%. I would probably put it at about 80-90% which is awesome.

I have also found that my weight has come back down to the 197lbs I was at before my back went crazy. This week has been surprisingly easy to stay focused and disciplined with my eating. Perhaps that can be directly attributed to both my friends being in Vegas so I have no reason to break my diet to go out to eat. Only time will tell I guess.

Now that I’m getting back to normal I need to start distance training. These 3 mile runs are fine but they are not getting me ready enough for the Med City Marathon at the end of May.

If I have a good weigh in Friday morning I might treat myself on Saturday to a meal at TGI Fridays. For some strange reason I have been craving that the most.

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