Grandmas Marathon, Here I Come!!!

I had a conversation with a co-worker a few weeks ago that inspired me in a way I never would have predicted. I was microwaving my lunch and she asked if I had any races planned for this fall. I begrudgingly admitted that I had originally planned on running a 1/2 marathon at the end of August but that came and passed without the slightest amount of training on my part and I didn’t even try to register.

It was then I mentioned I was contemplating running Grandmas Marathon in Duluth MN this year ( The look on her face as I threw excuse after excuse as to why I may not do it was priceless. I realized very quickly that there was no good reason for me to not run it.

So… I am running my very first full marathon on June 16th, 2012.

I’ll admit, I’m scared to death. This coming from someone who has run 7, 1/2 marathons and several shorter races without any major issues. Scared, but extremely excited! I’ve run 13.1 miles and that is the furthest I’ve ever gone. This will be a major test of my ability and more so my will.

Exciting Doesn’t Begin to Explain It!

Fear aside, I’m extremely excited to begin this en-devour. A full marathon is my Everest. I have no interest or need to climb the tallest mountain in the world, but I have a persistent tug at my heart to finally conquer the 26.2 mile behemoth called the marathon. My excitement should fuel me most of the way through my 41 week self created training program, though part of that program will include this blog as a means of keeping myself honest.

I understand I’ll have to train in a fashion I’ve never done before. I am used to training purely on my own and that is going to change as I move into my longer runs.

If you see me, ask me how my training is going. I need others to help keep me motivated. Thank you.


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