Two Month Check-In

It’s been about 2 months since I decided I was going to actually register to run Grandmas Marathon in June and a lot has happened thus far. What hasn’t happened a lot has been me posting to this blog.

Most important of all changes is that I finally, after how many years, decided to go to the doctor to get my back checked out. I’ve had chronic back problems ever since I can remember. It started getting much worse this year. My doctor had me get an x-ray just to be sure, and sure enough, there is a pretty good amount of deterioration in my lower back.

I then decided for the sake of my goal, I would actually schedule a Physical Therapy session for my back. That’s right, after only 7 years, my wife has finally gotten me to go to Physical Therapy for my back.

The Physical Therapist echo’d the prognosis my doctor gave me for my back, but he explained it a little differently.

If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was looking at a 40-50 year olds back x-ray, not a 30 year olds.

my Physical Therapist

In essence, my body has aged considerably faster in my back than it should have. My therapist put it into perspective. He said that the average male is living to be about 80 years old, which means I need to get another 50 years out of my back.


I never really thought of it that way. So, now I’m going to my 2nd Physical Therapy session tomorrow. I’ll probably be going for a while. They gave me some stretches I’m supposed to do everyday or at least after every training run. I’ve done pretty good but I know I can do better. In just a matter of 2 weeks, I’ve already noticed a vast reduction in the daily pain in my back. This is making it much easier to get out there and run.

So… two months in and I’ve now run a total of 126 miles with 70 of those miles coming in October. I’m looking to exceed 80 miles this month which is awesome, and yet kindof exhausting too. I still have just under 8 months left. I guess I just need to keep it positive and everything will work out.

I have succeeded at slowing my pace down considerably which has helped me get the mileage I’ve been getting. I changed my running program to include walking during the run to help my muscles rebuild during the run which has helped my endurance immensley. I’m excited to see how my running changes over the next several months.

So… wish me luck and perseverance and let’s hope the PT likes my progress as much as I do.


2 thoughts on “Two Month Check-In

    • Hey… A comment… Awesome!! Thanks for checking my story out glasshalffull83… I’ve heard Minnesota isn’t too different than parts of the UK weather wise so I know what it’s like trying to stay motivated in the winter. Good luck with your run in February. Grandmas Marathon is in June so I’ve got lots of time. Which can definitely be a bad thing, or a good one. Again, thanks for reading.

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