Dark Paths Require Light Feet


This is my path that I ran. It's not as dark in person, but still, pretty dark.

Now that we have two children (2 yrs. & 4 mo.) I am finding it harder to find time during the daylight hours to get my training runs in. With winter just a month or two away, daylight is a precious commodity.

I find most of my runs are starting after 8pm now which usually results in flabergasted looks from those I tell. Especially when that run starts after 10pm.

I thought I would take a moment to reflect on what I do and don’t like about night time running. The picture above is the path I ran tonight.

What I Love About Night Running

  • Night running is so much quieter, even in town.
  • Other senses are heightened so you can experience more of your surroundings.
  • Nothing looks dirty when you run with little to no light.
  • It’s a real adrenaline rush to run regular speed with little to no sight of your next step.
  • Lots of strange things occur at night you wouldn’t otherwise witness. (This can be bad too)
  • I get to spend more waking hours with my family.
  • Its usually cooler, though Fall and Winter that’s not desirable.
  • Less traffic to deal with.

So there’s my unofficial list of reasons why I like running at night. I’m sure there are more and there are lots of reasons that make it bad, but I’d just like to focus on the positive.

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