A Nice Fall Run

Gabby and I as I took pictures on our run.

I got up a little early this morning to go on my long run for the week, and decided to take some pictures as I ran. Hope you enjoy them. Gabby and I ended up running 9 miles. It went really well, thanks in part to my taking all of these pictures. It helped me slow down which I’ve been having a hard time doing.

Look at Gabby go. She’s such a great running partner.

The New OMC Clinic.


Getting onto the Douglas Trail. What a great sunrise this morning.


An empty trail can be so peaceful.


I really enjoy trails that are covered by an arch of trees. It's more pronounced in the summer, still pretty in the fall.


It's a little tough to see but there's a bridge on the golf course.


A little better picture of the golf course.

imageI guess I have a thing for bridges.

Another picture of the golf course.


There was a race being run today. Apparently this was the turnaround point. Not for me though.


I know... Another bridge... What can I say... I really like them.


Go Gabby, Go!!!


Thought this was a cool old building.

I like old farm equipment pictures.


That's right... I broke the rules... I ran on the closed sidewalk.


I wasn't the only one who ran on the closed sidewalk at least. These guys passed Gabby and I and were pretty nice.


Another old building on along the way.



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