7 Months and Counting

As of today, there are 7 months until Grandmas Marathon. Training is going pretty well thus far. This morning I went for a 10 Mile run which went really well.  So far in the month of November I’ve run 64 miles.

The cold weather is starting to make it much harder to convince myself to get out there and train. This hopefully will pass over time and it’ll get much easier to get out and run. Thankfully, I went out and bought some of those thin stretchy gloves for a dollar at Menards. They are working great. Slowly but surely I’ll get there.

I’ve also started playing hockey on Sunday evenings which has thrown a bit of a wrench in the plans. Hockey is a great workout, but it makes me so tired on Monday that I can’t usually get myself out there to run until Tuesday. This ends up screwing up my week. I’m starting to adjust now, but it is a little tough. I only hope with the holiday season coming up, that I will be able to find the time to keep up the workouts.

Luckily, I’ve got 7 months left, so a small setback here and there isn’t going to ruin my goals.

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