An Unexpected Result

Yesterday I decided I needed to go for a run which is not my typical day for running. Sundays I usually watch football and anxiously await my Sunday night hockey league game. This week, however, I decided I needed to make up for some missed runs from Friday and Saturday.

The run went great. I ran 8 miles and did it a lot faster than I normally would at that distance. I ran an 8 minute 51 second mile average for the whole run. I am pretty excited about that.

I was, however, a little nervous about how my hockey game was going to go. I haven’t run on the same day as my hockey game in a long time so I was expecting my legs to have nothing left.

The surprise was that I skated stronger last night than I have all year. I technically didn’t play awesome, but that wasn’t due to tired legs. I felt a lot more confident on the ice which was pretty weird considering I should have been tired.

I’m interested to know if the success was due to the run or some other factor. The only thing I changed on the run was I conciously chose to keep my arms, shoulders, and hands relaxed as opposed to slightly tense as is my usual.

The other factor that was different wass the temparature was about 20 degrees warmer, so perhaps I didn’t wear my body down as much from battling the cold.

Whatever it was, I’m pretty happy with the results and might try it again next weekend.


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