Training Setback

acupressure,acupuncture,feet,healing techniques,healthcare,medicine,needles,pressure points,peopleTypically around the Christmas/New Years season I would expect my training setback would be a lack of motivation to train. Right now, I would prefer that over what has actually occurred.

Last night I went for a jog, hoping to go 12 miles. I made it only 6 miles and barely finished that. What ended up happening is what I am deeming Sesamoiditis. I am no doctor and if the pain increases or doesn’t go away quickly, I will likely have to setup an appointment.

From what I’ve read, Sesamoiditis is not a serious injury, but it can take a while to go away if you aren’t careful. I hope that is not the case.

As I ran last night, I noticed very soon into the run that there was a slight pulling in the front portion of the arch of my foot just behind the ball of my foot that connects to my big toe. As I continued running, I noticed the pain growing more and more. Finally when I hit about mile 4 I noticed I could no longer run using my usual form. Inevitably I assume this made my foot get worse quicker.

Hopefully this will go away soon so I can get back to running on a regular basis. My theory on what caused this pain is one of two options.

  • I need new shoes (over 700 miles on the same pair)
  • After a short break, I ran 8 miles too quickly causing extra stress to my foot

I’ll probably be getting some new shoes this weekend. I’m also going to ice my foot and take it as easy as is possible. Just walking is painful so I better take this seriously.

Better this happens in December than in May or June.


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