Run a Mile in Retired Shoes

Shoes on the left have 700+ miles on them. Shoes on the right are the new Adidas Supernova Sequence 4M I just got.

I finally retired my old running shoes. Unfortunately, I replaced them one run too late, and ended up hurting my left foot. Today was my first day back to running and the first day with my new shoes.

I didn’t do anything crazy and try a new brand, nor did I even try a new model. That’s right, I got another pair of Adidas Supernova Sequence shoes. I figured the last pair made it 700+ miles without letting me down, there’s no reason to switch to a new brand.

I wasn’t, and still am not a fan of the fact that I paid full price for them, but I consider the discount I didn’t get was actually the cost for labor I got from the wonderful Rochester Running Room employee who helped me find a shoe that fit.

Running Room

I tried on about 6 different shoes at The Running Room and another 5-6 at another shoe store and the Supernova Sequence was the best fitting of all of them.

From now on I will be going to The Running Room for my marathon shoes as the service you get is worth the price of the shoes.

My first run back was a short 3 mile jaunt. There were some pains in my foot from the injury but nothing more than an annoyance. I kept the run short and easy going so I wouldn’t aggravate and reverse what healing I had achieved thus far.

Hopefully this new pair will last me all the way to the marathon in June. Technically they shouldn’t as they are rated for 300-500 miles. Let’s hope for another 700+ shoe from Adidas.


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