It's Getting Real Now

There is officially 103 days until Grandmas Marathon. It’s time to truly make my full commitment to my training and health for this en devour.

What does it mean to take this seriously?

That’s a tough question, because it means I need to actually be committed. I need to put some true controls on my life. I have to start doing training runs 3-5 times per week. I have to adjust my diet to take in only what my body needs.

These are some of the hardest changes for me. I enjoy eating bad food and I enjoy being lazy. Well I don’t enjoy these things, but they are much easier.

What does commitment look like?

Commitment isn’t going to be perfection, but as close as possible. It’s time to start a diet regiment that includes tracking my food intake. I am going to use a hybrid version of the Weight Watchers points program. I’ve had success in the past with this and will again. Self control is the key to making this work. That is my goal, is the work on my self control.

No better time than today to start!

Today is the beginning of this new phase of my preparation for the marathon. I’ve been running and doing relatively well with that, but to move beyond the 1/2 marathon realm and into the full marathon realm will take some true changes to my daily life. Kelly (wife) has told me she is 100% behind me and I can take all the time I need for training and she will help me as much as possible with my eating. Time to take advantage of this support I’m getting. She is nervous for me, so I know I cannot let her down. I start this today and will not stop until I have achieved my goal.


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