No Lunch? No Problem!

I took a picture of the plate my lunch was supposed to be on today.

Today is day two of my diet that will springboard me into some awesome marathon training. I say that with quite the sarcastic look on my face, as I didn’t truly plan how I was going to accomplish this diet. We haven’t gone grocery shopping so my food choices are pretty slim.

Even if we had gone grocery shopping, it wouldn’t have mattered. I left my backpack at home today with my lunch, so, I had no lunch. Glad I at least ate breakfast.

It’s 3:30pm and I’m not starving, but it’s close. I’ve been drinking lots of water to keep myself full in some way. The diet so far, has been easier than I expected.


At home, it’s a completely different story. Last night I wanted to eat everything, literally everything. I saw a chip that fell on the floor from the little one, and seriously considered eating it.

I cannot wait for grocery shopping.

Luckily it seems I’m doing well. My goal is to be absolutely perfect with the diet for at least 1 week before I even use any of my “Flex” points or Activity Points. 

I have a 6-8 mile run scheduled for tonight and 15 points left to eat. Hope that’s enough.

Mmmm… Points taste great!


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