Anchors Away!

Anchor Tags are pretty common and I expected I should be able to do so easily in SharePoint 2010. It turns out, it is very easy, but not so easy to find the instructions to do so. For the sake of not forgetting how to do this, I am documenting it now. Those of you looking for this, I hope you find it faster than I did.

Do I have to know HTML?

No. You do not need to know any HTML to do this, though you can if you want to but why complicate things.

These steps will show how to create a menu similar to that of Wikipedia in which you have a table of contents that contains links to navigate to different locations within the same page. (see below)

  • Begin by Clicking the Edit button for the page you are working on
  • Select the text that your link will jump to or the Anchor
  • Click the Insert tab in the Editing Tools section
  • Click the Link drop down then select From Address (shown below)
  • Enter the Address in the following format
  • Click OK
  • Locate the Bookmark section (shown below) and enter the same achnor as previously

  • Now select the Table of Contents item or the “Link” item
  • Click Insert in the Editing Tools section (see below)

  • Click the Link drop down, then click From Address (see above)
  • Enter the Anchor tag from before (see below)

  • Click OK
  • You should now have a completed anchor tag and link

**Please leave a comment if these instructions are confusing or missing anything**

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