Error: SharePoint 2010 Configuration Wizard

I ran into the below error today while installing the April 2012 Cumulative Update (KB 2598321) for SharePoint 2010 Foundation.

I figured I would post the resolution for anyone who happens upon this issue as well and for my own sake, since I’m constantly forgetting the parameter to run. The resolution isn’t specifically just for the April 2012 Cumulative Update. It can be used anytime you see this error.

WARNING: Backup your farm prior to installing Cumulative Updates and running the Configuration Wizard.

What Happened?

Architecture: 2 WFE/APP (load balanced), 1 SQL

Scenario: Installed CU on both WFE’s and ran Configuration Wizard on the primary server first. Attempted to run on the 2nd server and received the error above.

Impact: When the configuration wizard fails, it may then take your WFE offline until you can get this resolved.

Resolution: Run the following PowerShell command on the affected server

psconfig.exe -cmd installcheck –noinstallcheck

 WARNING: Ensure you understand what this command is doing before you perform it on your production servers. Click Here for more information on PSCONFIG.
You may need to re-run the configuration wizard to ensure all is functioning but this should bypass the installation check which will disregard the error you saw above.
Hopefully this helps you if you have this error.
Thank you to @AviSuj for reminding me of these parameters.

3 thoughts on “Error: SharePoint 2010 Configuration Wizard

  1. Even the built-in help has nothing on the “installcheck” command. How did folks learn that it exists & its usage?

    • You’re right, I didn’t realize it wasn’t in there. I discovered this a couple different ways. One was via a long 48 hour support incident with Microsoft in which we found the resolution was to run the command with the “installcheck”. The other was via my Microsoft contact who is a SharePoint guru if you will reminded me of the command.

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