Book Review: The Hunger Games

The Hunger GamesBook Title: The Hunger Games
Author: Suzanne Collins
Book Format: Google Play eBook
Pages: 1,000

I was hoping to read this book before I saw the movie, but unfortunately I was patron 84 when I reserved my eBook copy from the local library. I don’t typically buy books I’m not sure I’ll read again, so I put off reading this until I saw the movie. My wife and I saw the movie in the theatre and we both were quite impressed, so I bit the bullet a couple months ago and bought the trilogy from the Google Play store. I was reading a couple other books at the time so had to wait until now to start reading it. Here is my review of the first installment of the trilogy.

From the moment I started this book, I was captivated. Perhaps some of it was due to having watched the movie, though I doubt it. The book is considerably different in story telling style from the movie as it is written in the first person by Katniss. The point of view the book is written leaves out a lot of the other details the movie fills in, which I’m sure was necessary. The story is very easy to read and kept my attention the entire time. I even found myself getting anxious near the end, even though I already knew the outcome. I thoroughly enjoyed the dystopian world Collins creates and through a societal uprising and subsequent control and Hunger Games forced upon civilization by the “Capital.” My preference is typically dark and this story does not disappoint. There is an obvious similarity to “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell and I’m sure other books that venture into the world of humans hunting humans. This story certainly captures the personal anguish and internal battle between living and killing another human.

In terms of entertainment value, “The Hunger Games” gets a 10 out of 10. For those that prefer lots of detail, this might not be as fulfilling an adventure for you. This is a young adult/Teen book, so that must be taken into consideration. Overall, I was impressed and am certainly looking forward to starting the second installment of the trilogy “Catching Fire.”

For those who enjoy a quick, and entertaining story, “The Hunger Games” is a definite must read. I am glad that I chose to buy the trilogy as I will certainly read this book and I’m sure the next two books several times, which is not very common for me.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Hunger Games

  1. A lovely review for a great series. I’m just curious, would your review have been different if you read the book first, then watched the movie?

    • I probably will never know since I can’t go back in time (wouldn’t that be awesome if we could?). I’m now reading book two so perhaps my impression of the series will change since there is no movie out for the 2nd one just yet. Were you lucky enough to read the book before the movie? I ended up reading Lord of the Rings after the first movie as well and I think because the movie was done so well, it made me enjoy the book even more. I read “The Andromeda Strain” before the movie and thought it was awesome, so I like to think that the movies don’t sway me, but straight up good writing does.

      • Time travel would be awesome, but alas, the limits of modern technology. I actually did have the pleasure of reading the book before the movie actually – I actually read all thee before the first movie came out (that’s my reading prowess, for you); though me reading it didn’t encourage my friends to do the same till they saw the trailer though and I prefer it in that order, for several reasons. One, primarily being, I can somewhat gauge whether (after finishing the book), I think it should be turned into a movie (rather does it deserve to be ruined or glorified – as well as encourage others to read it too?) Second, I think, that after it has been turned into a movie, it allows me to better reflect, in the sense being, has it done the book justice? Which do I love more? etc. Though, I can’t say the same for Lord Of the Rings, since I wanted to read the books (for a while now), but haven’t gotten round to it, (the desire springing more after seeing the films). Ultimately, I find that the movie somewhat damages my imagination of the characters (and their depiction) if I watch it before reading the book, but as you say, “straight up good writing” definitely makes it worthwhile.

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