New Look & Feel

TechChucker's Brain Blast ArchiveIt has been nearly 4 years since I started this blog and it is finally time to change the look and feel. I’ve grown tired of the Black-LetterHead theme that I was using and am hoping to add a little style and personal touch to my blog. The theme I’ve chosen is the Twenty Eleven theme provided free on WordPress and the Header image I created myself. It is actually my first attempt at using GIMP beyond just simple touch-ups. Mind you, I know it’s stick figures and there isn’t much too it, but I thought it would fit with the theme of my Blog. I hope it makes sense.


I am also reinventing the content of this blog. Not only am I hoping to focus on technology and education, I also am adding literature and possibly some entertainment. In the near future I also plan on posting some short stories I’ve written, should I ever get to the point of writing them down.

Hopefully this new look and feel will help keep me going with this blog and I can successfully get my ideas written down in a way people find interesting and useful.


2 thoughts on “New Look & Feel

    • Hey thanks. I probably spent more time than I should have on choosing a theme, but since I used the last one for nearly 4 years, I like to make sure I have the right one for my current tastes. I also consolidated two other blogs I sort of maintained into this one. At my old job I used to provide updates/news for staff regarding IT and then the other one was regarding my attempt at fitness and such. Figured I’d just throw them all into one giant blog.

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