Book Review: Amped

Book Title: Amped
Author: Daniel H. Wilson
Book Format: Kindle eBook
Pages: 277

I wanted to read Amped by Daniel H. Wilson because I had read Robopocalypse, another book by Wilson which I thoroughly enjoyed. Amped follows the main character Owen Gray, a school teacher who has had a special implant surgically installed into his head which prevents him from having seizures, essentially saving his life. What he didn’t realize was that his father, who performed the surgery had given him something extra; something that gave him abilities beyond any human was capable of.

The story follows as the United States is engulfed in a battle between non-implanted (Reggies) and implanted (Amps) people. It is eerily similar to true life genocidal moments in history, most obvious being the Holocaust. As the movement against human modification rises we discover there are twelve others who have very similar implants to Gray and he is faced with a decision to join the remainder of the twelve to fight the Pure Priders who were against the Amps. If the Amps lose, they will no longer be classified as humans due to their advanced abilities, thus, lose all rights they have.

Of course, as is usual, there is a twist to the story. Perhaps it was predictable but I didn’t predict it too soon into the story so I think that was simply a good way of building the story so that there is only one option left to make the story good.

My only critique of the story is technical in that I felt at times the scenes were not clear. There were two instances in which we were told the character walked and then without explanation the character was in a vehicle and we are to believe the entire scene was happening in the vehicle. I meant to highlight those spots to verify that my confusion was warranted, but alas, I forgot to do so. So… please don’t use this against the story if you are reading this review as I have not confirmed this, but am interested if anyone else noticed this too.

Overall, the story was very enjoyable. Not as good as Robopocalypse, but still worth the read. If you like technology and cyborgs etc. then you’ll enjoy this book.


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