GoodReads is Awesome! I WON!!!

So I started using about 3 months ago. I’ve been using it to keep track of all the books I remember reading in the last few years and the ones I hope to read in the future. Recently I found a link in their Explore menu for Giveaways. I was skeptical, because I never win anything, but I decided I’d go ahead and sign up for every book I thought might be even the slightest bit interesting.

After only about 2 weeks of signing up, I WON!!! I actually won, and it was a book I thought might be interesting to read. So here’s the book I won.

The book is titled Knuckleduster by Andrew Post. It is a pre-release book which does mean that there could be errors in the book. There was no charge to me and there really are no expectations of me. They do ask that I write a review after reading the book, but it isn’t required. If I want to increase my chances of winning though, I do need to review the book, which I plan on doing once I’ve finished the books I’m already reading. I’m looking forward to starting this book as it seemed quite interesting.

Needless to say, I am now an even bigger fan of now. I highly recommend anyone who plans on reading more than one book in their lifetime consider using to keep track of the books they’ve read.


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