Book Review: When Sam Set Sail

Book Title: When Sam Set Sail
Author: LeAnn Beck
Book Format: Paperback
Pages: 38

This is the third book I’ve won in a Goodreads first reads book giveaway, but is the first I am reviewing. It is the shortest which made it easy to read very quickly.

This is the first children’s book I’m reviewing. I’m doing it predominately because I won it on Goodreads, but also, because I thought it was a very clever book.

The book is not illustrated, but has space on each page for an illustration that you can have your kids draw. The story is a fun poetic story of a pirate, a ship, a storm, and a whale, ending with a very clever twist that I will not divulge here. This was a great story and I really like the idea of having your kids illustrate the story themselves. I might have liked to see one or two illustrations to get us started, but otherwise, I felt it was a great idea.

I’m guessing the age range for this book would be about 4-7 years old for the content, but add in the illustration activity and this book could be a great project for slightly older kids.


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