Book Review: Batman: Night of the Owls

Title: Batman: Night of the Owls
Author: Scott SnyderJudd WinickJustin GrayDavid FinchPeter J. TomasiPat GleasonTony S. DanielScott Lobdell , Duane SwierczynskiJ.H. Williams IIIJimmy Palmiotti
Book Format: Hardcover
Pages: 360

This is the second Graphic Novel I’ve ever read (the first was Watchmen, which was awesome)and the first I’ve owned. This was a First Reads giveaway I won from I haven’t read the first installment “The Court of Owls” which concerned me at first that I wouldn’t be able to figure out where the story was at and would have to go buy the first book just to get up to speed.

Luckily, there was a brief summary at the beginning that did a decent job of summing up the first book. Once past the summary, I was confusingly thrown back into what appears to be the 1800’s wild west. I was immediately confused, which may have made more sense had I read book one. Once I got past that first chapter, the story started to flow much better and the time period jumps made a little more sense.

I enjoyed the story as Batman and his friends, along with Alfred work to thwart a monumental night of planned assassinations of key Gotham leaders by The Court of Owls. The first half of the book had very limited appearances from Batman himself, though. The story focused more on Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl. There are lots of the characters we’re all accustomed to such as Mr. Freeze, Robin, Alfred, and even The Penguin.

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The dialogue at times was a bit lacking in flow, but where the dialogue lacked, the artwork excelled in telling the story. I was mesmerized by the amazing imagery. My pictures I’ve provided do not do the artwork justice, but you cannot review a Graphic Novel without providing a brief glimpse into the artistry. I’ve rated this book at a 3 in my Goodreads account solely because of the sporadic jumping back and forth between time periods which was very confusing.

As noted, my experience with the world of comic books and Graphic Novels is limited to just two works, but I feel I’ve been lucky to have started with those I have as they have sparked an interest in this genre that I think I want to explore more. For those of you of read my review I would ask you to give me some recommendations for other Graphic Novels that you have found to stand above all others. Thanks in advance.


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