Book Review: The Singular Six

Book Title: The Singular Six (The Chronicles of Eridia)
Author: J.S. Volpe
Book Format: Paperback
Pages: 318

I won this book via the First Reads giveaways and was cautiously excited to begin reading The Singular Six. I wasn’t planning on making this one my next read, but having had to return my copy of Inheritance to the library before finishing, I needed something while I waited, and this was the first book I grabbed.

Get Ready For Crazy

J.S. Volpe has begun The Chronicles of Eridia series in a very intriguing way. We are introduced to three of the six main characters right away as they battle a band of criminals in a post cataclysmic world. We quickly discover that one of the main characters is Frankensteins monster in the flesh (or someones flesh I guess). One of the young ladies with him is taken by the gang. This begins the quest to rescue not only the young lady who was with Frankenstein but to also save all of the kidnapped women from the town of Sweetwater.

This is where the weird really gets started. The group of three becomes four, one of which is a super hero. Then, they meet two more to make it six. Without getting into too many details, there is a giant talking jaguar, rabid childrens toys, a three headed serpent, and a crazy teenage queen among other strange characters.

I was captivated from the beginning. I think it was primarily because of the insanely odd characters, but more so the story and world that Volpe was drawing before me. The characters are slowly realizing along with the reader how all of these strange characters have come about and what this cataclysmic event may have been. I’m excited to read the next chapter of this series. I hope it continues being ridiculously absurd and enjoyable.

In terms of a Sci-Fi/Fantasy story, I felt it was great, because it was so different, but also because it was a very fluid story. It was a quick read, and it always felt natural. The only critique I have, was more of an observation. I noticed that as the book matured towards the end, the profane language increased. Granted, there was more action, and that may be the reason. I didn’t find it distracting or detracting, but I simply noticed the amount wasn’t consistent throughout the book.

I highly recommend this book to all Sci-Fi/Fantasy lovers. This book will not disappoint, and is looking to continue entertaining throughout the series. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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