Book Review: Sin City

Book Title: Sin City
Author: Frank Miller
Book Format: Paperback
Published: January 1st, 1993
Pages: 208

Sin City was the next Graphic Novel that seemed to make sense for me to experience. I’ve seen the movie and was utterly confused and entertained (by the movie that is). I figured I should see what the movie is based on.

Let’s get this out of the way first. Sin City has 7 volumes to it, so don’t watch the movie until you’ve read all of them. At least, that is my assumption. When I finished this first book and started to watch the movie again, the first scene in the movie is not in Volume 1. So get through all of them first, then watch the movie.

I was super excited to get started reading Sin City and the story Miller gave us does not disappoint. It’s gritty and dark and full of malice. Marv is the hero you are disgusted by but you root for him anyway.

Marv is scum in a city made for scum. He spends the night with Goldie, a bombshell of a woman he knows he could never have and she winds up dead in his bed. This sends Marv on a rampage to find and kill the guy who killed Goldie. The problem is that Goldie was ordered dead by the most powerful man in Sin City.

Again, the story was awesome. I managed to read the entire book in about two days. The problem for me was the artwork. It’s not that everything was in black and white as that I feel gives the story its darkness, it’s just there were lots of frames that were nearly impossible to see what was happening. Many of the fights were hard to determine who was who or if they even were people. Considering the majority of a Graphic Novel is pictures, I felt the story lacked in artwork, which is why I’d give this book 3 out of 5 stars. The strange part, was that Miller seemed to be intent on getting every detail right when he drew the female characters nude. Perhaps I just don’t get the style, but some of the frames appeared, dare I say, sloppy. I am very excited to start Volume 2 though (Sin City, Vol. 2: A Dame to Kill For). I hope to read all seven volumes and then watch the movie to see how they compare.

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