Book Review: Sin City | A Dame to Kill For

Book Title: Sin City: Vol. 2 | A Dame to Kill For (Sin City)
Author: Frank Miller
Book Format: Paperback
Published: November 2nd 2010
Pages: 208

I finished reading this, the second volume, in Frank Miller’s Sin City at the beginning of May and have finally gotten around to posting a review of it.

Miller did not disappoint with the second installment. We meet many new characters and a few we already discovered such as Marv. The most difficult part of the story is figuring out where we are in time as this volume tells of a story that happened at the same time roughly as volume one.

The artwork was in my opinion better than the first. My one issue with the first book was that some of the artwork was difficult to distinguish what was happening. It seemed many of the frames simply didn’t have enough definition of each character and thus it was hard to recognize who was doing what. This was not an issue in this book.

The story itself is a little less recognizable if you’re trying to compare it to the movie. Hopefully you can get past that as the movie only gives you small piece of the pie.

I will give this volume 4 out of 5 stars namely because I felt the story was strong and the artwork was great.


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