Book Review: The Planet Thieves

Book Title: The Planet Thieves
Author: Dan Krokos
Book Format: Paperback
Published: May 21, 2013
Pages: 254

This was surprisingly a very solid Sci-Fi middle grade level book from author Dan Krokos. I’ll be honest, the cover actually had me a bit concerned I wouldn’t like the book. Good thing I didn’t let my judgement of the cover keep me from actually reading the book. I won an Advance Readers Copy of this book from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway, so perhaps that was another reason why I actually read the book. It could have also been because the book was so short. No matter what the reason, I’m very glad I read the book and am hoping Krokos follows this one up with a sequel.

The story starts with a young thirteen year old cadet named Mason Stark. Mason’s ill timed practical joke on his older sister sparks a series of events that winds up putting the young boy in the captains seat of the Egypt spaceship fighting earths arch enemy the Tremist.

Humans and Tremist have been fighting for centuries, and that centuries old battle has become Mason’s responsibility to broker a deal with the Tremist to save Earth, the Tremist planet of Skars, and Nori-Blue, the planet both want and are willing to do anything to get.

There is an unexpected twist, of course, that takes the story in a completely different direction. I don’t intend on spoiling the story, so I’ll stop this portion right here. My recommendation is that you read the book yourself. This is apparently Krokos’ first attempt at a middle grade level science fiction story and I thought it was very good. I’ve not read any of his other work, but I felt the story was put forth in such a fluent way that you really feel the story could be real, even though it’s always a little hard to get past the idea of a 13 year old kid becoming captain of a star ship.I look forward to a hopeful sequel to this story. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it to others.


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