Book Review: Sin City | That Yellow Bastard

Book Title: Sin City: Vol. 4 | That Yellow Bastard (Sin City)
Author: Frank Miller
Book Format: Paperback
Published: 1996
Pages: 240

Volume 4 of Frank Miller’s Sin City graphic novel series is thus far, the most entertaining. The artwork was great as usual and I found myself wanting more, which, thanks to Miller, there are 3 more volumes to keep me busy.

In this the 4th volume, we watch as soon to be retired John Hartigan struggles to save poor little Nancy Callahan from the quite disgusting son of the powerful Sin City politician Roark. Hartigan is shot by his long-time partner and then is convicted of the atrocities he was trying to stop, but not before he disfigures Roarks son which later we discover has turned him into the Yellow Bastard the book is titled after. This is the first volume in which color is added to the art, and it is so powerful in it’s minimalist use. Focus is used where needed and it is done in just the right amount that you feel Miller has been doing this for the whole series.

There isn’t much more that needs to be said about this volume other than it is by far the best one I feel. I cannot wait to read volume 5 as there is lots more story left to be told.

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