Winner winner, Chicken Dinner!

Iconic SummerPepsiCo has just rolled out yet another promotional campaign  for their Pepsi and Mountain Dew product lines. They are calling it, “Iconic Summer” and you can win prizes up to tickets to the Super Bowl or World Series etc. Let me preface this with a statement that I don’t think these promotional campaigns are bad, but here is my beef with them.

I hope there is nobody on the face of the planet older than, let’s say 13, (sorry 12 and unders) that believes these random codes found under the caps of our favorite soft drinks (if you drink Pepsi or Mountain Dew) are actually going to give us a truly fair shot like the “look under the cap” games of yesteryear used to. Remember the days when you could open a bottle of soda and find out instantly you won another soda. You could then take that cap to your local soda pop stop and redeem that cap for an ice cold refreshing soda? I remember that, it was awesome. They used to do it with the 12oz pop cans too. Ah… those were the days.

The Illusion of random chances to win is just that, an illusion.

Enter Code

Now, I have to log into a website and enter a 10 digit code and then wait for the site to tell me what prize I’ve gotten no closer to winning. Don’t get me wrong, this is still slightly fun, until you realize, there is no randomness to this game anymore.

I’ve been playing for about a week so far and I’ve purchased quite a bit of Pepsi (not because of the game, but because I’m entirely addicted to the beverage and assume I will be replacing the last drop of my blood with syrup soon if I can) and I have quickly collected all of the required “Icons” needed except for 1 for each of the 5 Pepsi prize options. I’ve gotten 13 icons thus far. I have every single “common” icon as indicated below and zero rare icons. Ok, so that’s fine, but then when I ask myself, what are the odds of getting a rare icon and here is what you get below (See Official Rules).

Icon Rules

That’s right, I don’t get to know the odds. Based on their assertion, there is no way of knowing the odds. It used to be the odds were slapped right on the product. One in 12 wins. It was based on the number of products produced that were “specially marked” and thus they could determine that x number of products would be instant winners and x number would be large prize winners. Now, it’s based on the number of players and how they are seeded from start to finish. What does that even mean? With this information I’ve lost all trust that the codes mean anything until I register it and they determine, nope he hasn’t bought enough product yet so let’s give him another common icon until he’s bought the sufficient amount.

Luckily, I’m buying because I’m thirsty and apparently not health conscious (I buy Diet though *snark snark*) so I don’t feel as though I’m being duped because of the promotion, maybe I’m being duped because I’m not making healthy choices, but that’s a different post altogether.

So, long story short, COME ON!!! Give us back our instant win game caps and throw us a bone from time to time, or, at the very least, predetermine the icon each code will equate to before it goes out on the trucks and let us have a little feeling that we might be able to actually randomly win something.

I reserve the right to retract any and all negative thoughts in this post should I win tickets to the Super Bowl or the World Series and I will replace those comments with, “Neener-Neener.”


3 thoughts on “Winner winner, Chicken Dinner!

  1. Many contests today are following that exact same logic. The idea of playing a game like that is the reason I don’t bother, although I can’t say I haven’t been tempted. I feel like all the caps of my favorite “zero” drink I’ve thrown away have gone to waste instead of saving them for Coke Rewards. Like you, I miss the days of instant-win caps. It was a good feeling to know you won something, and even better when you turned it in thereby getting a second (“free”) chance at winning. 😉

    Now I better get back to enjoying my Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla Lime with a Twist of Bacon to Hide the Diet Aftertaste.

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