Comic Review: The Death of Superman

Title: The Death of Superman (The Death and Return of Superman #1)
Author:  Mike CarlinJerry OrdwayLouise SimonsonRoger SternJon Bogdanove 
Illustrators: Tom GrummettJackson GuiceBrett BreedingRick BurchettDoug HazlewoodDennis JankeDenis Rodier
Book Format: Paperback
Published: Published 1993 by DC Comics
Pages: 160



I don’t typically include spoilers in my reviews, and I’m not sure this is even considered a spoiler considering the title of the book and the subsequent series title, but here goes.

The Death of Superman is the first in the Trade Paper Back of The Death and Return of Superman series in which, as the title spoils, gives us the death of Superman. Superman and the junior varsity squad of the Justice League of America (Blue Beetle, Maxima, Guy Gardner, Bloodwynd, and others) must stop the seemingly unstoppable villain, Doomsday. This was apparently somewhat of a publicity stunt by DC Comics that definitely worked. I can see why. As I read the story, I knew what was going to happen, but I was still amazed when I finally got to the end, and Superman was in fact dead.

I have not read further in the series, though I know Superman cannot be dead permanently. Especially considering the title of the series, but that still doesn’t diminish the emotion I felt on the final page when Superman is declared dead. That was powerful, even for a comic newbie such as myself. I haven’t been through that much with Superman. I don’t know all the stories, I just know what I’ve seen in some movies so the ability to move me to complete shock like they did was a pretty special thing.

The ability to evoke the emotion I felt reading this book is why I gave this story a five star rating. There were things I didn’t fully care for, such as the dialogue seemed bad at times. I didn’t like the implied accents that you could tell the writers were trying to invoke through poorly structured sentences and spelling. The artwork was not as good as some comics I’ve seen from the early 90’s but it wasn’t bad. Some frames could have been drawn further out to give more perspective into what was happening and make the images a little less a blob of color. With all that though, I still give it five stars because the story was so incredibly powerful for me. I just hope I can find the next book so I can “find out” what happens.


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