Comic Review: The Ultimates Vol. 1: Superhuman

Title: The Ultimates: Superhuman (The Ultimates Trade Paperback #1)
Author:   Mark MillarBryan Hitch 
Inks: Andrew Currie
Book Format: Trade Paperback
Published: April 12th 2006 by Marvel (first published 2002)
Pages: 160


This is my first dive into the Marvel comic world. Up to this point, I’ve been reading DC Comics only. I chose this series primarily because it was available at the library, and because I recognized the characters.

I enjoyed this book, but as I look back on it now, having finished it nearly a week or so ago, I cannot remember as much as I thought I should have. This is not a positive sign. I originally rated this as a 4 star book, but since I can’t entirely remember that much about what happened, that rating had to come down.

I’ll talk about what I remember, and that was the artwork. I was impressed by the drawing and coloring, but I feel I’ve seen a style I prefer more in some of the DC artists. It could be the paper quality as well, as the pages are slightly more matte finish as opposed to a lot of the New 52 series comics I’ve been reading.

Captain America has been thawed after narrowly defeating the Nazi’s in 1945 to the present day 21st century. He is reintroduced into the modern age in which Nick Fury, who is almost entirely drawn to look like or resemble Samuel L. Jackson, and has been given the keys to the S.H.I.E.L.D.

This was my first introduction to Giant-Man and The Wasp, characters I’d never heard of before. The relationship between the Pyms (Giant-Man and The Wasp) was probably the best character piece of the story. At a close second is that of the Hulk and Bruce Banner.

If felt this was a good setup story, but as we’ll see in my next review, is overshadowed by the next volume which is by far the better book. This book just didn’t get far enough into the story as the next volume does.


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