Comic Review: Swamp Thing, Vol 1: Raise Them Bones

Title: Swamp Thing, Vol 1: Raise Them Bones (Swamp Thing Vol. V #1)
Author: Scott Snyder
Illustrator: Yanick PaquetteMarco Rudy
Book Format: Trade Paperback
Published:  August 28th 2012 by DC Comics (first published November 1st 2011)
Issues: 1-7
Pages: 168

I’ve been looking forward to reading Swamp Thing for a while. Being so new to the world of comic books, I have never read anything with Swamp Thing. I was very happy with this book.

There is a quick explanation of how Dr. Alec Holland began the process of becoming Swamp Thing. Now, Holland has an internal battle with trying to not become the Swamp Thing again, let alone permanently. Throughout his life he hears plants calling to him but this is becoming stronger now and he continually fights what he knows is inevitable and necessary.

In Issue #2 Holland meets Calbraith A.H. Rodgers who became one of the Green protectors back in 1942. The Green and the Red protect against the Black or the Rot who feed off of death as opposed to the Green and Red who feed off life. In the end, all three are at war with one another to gain control of the world.

The protector tells Holland that he is to be the one who defeats the Rot but only if he accepts his role as the Swamp Thing. Holland is also warned to stay away from the woman with white hair that Holland continually sees in memories that are not his own.

This white haired woman is Abigail Arcane who saves Hollands life. This is where I have to stop explaining the story line otherwise I’ll spoil the story.

I was engaged throughout the story. Snyder did a great job of developing a great story that didn’t spend too much time with the origin that some newer books do, but just enough that I was up to speed within a couple pages. The artwork was amazing, but very different. At times it was very psychedelic which was cool, but the frames were sometimes a little difficult to follow. It wasn’t horrible, just slightly confusing at times. No worries though, it really provided a great excuse to re-read panels to ensure I was following the story.

The only reason this book only got 4 of 5 stars is because the character himself of Swamp Thing didn’t excite me as much as I had hoped. Otherwise I really enjoyed the story and artwork and am looking forward to getting into the next issues.


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