Comic Review: Kick-Ass

Title: Kick-Ass, Vol. 1
Author: Mark Millar 
Illustrator: John Romita 
Book Format: Hardcover
Published:  May 14th 2013 by Marvel (first published February 17th 2010)
Issues: 1-8
Pages: 240


Mark Millar and John Romita took me to school. This is literally one of my favorite comics. I watched the movie a few years ago and absolutely loved it and had no idea the movie was based on a comic book until a year or two ago. I’ll touch on some of the differences between how the book and movie were different, but to start I will focus on the book.

The concept of a regular kid deciding he wants to become a superhero simply because he was bored is the fantasy of so many kids. I certainly wanted to be a superhero when I was kid and I knew little to nothing about the comic book world.

There were scenes that literally left me speechless. The absolute violence and depravity of this world that Dave Lizewski has unwisely entered into was so crazy but yet, I still believed it. There are no super powers but the things Hit-Girl can accomplish are sureal, but Millar and Romita make it believable to the point that I honestly could see some little girl wielding samurai swords killing people left and right.

The coolest part of the story is the fact that everything about the story is new. There are no characters that are re-used from any other comic that I know of (correct me if I’ve missed something obvious). I’ve read a few comics that have no “history” like Superman, X-Men, Batman, etc have and I usually don’t get into the story. Kick-Ass was so original and so amazing that it has become one of my favorite superheros. That I think is an amazing feat.

There was nothing negative I could find about this book. The violence, though ridiculous and gory and totally inappropriate for people under 18, but I loved it. It was perfect for the integrity of the story. The funniest part that I could see some people not liking is simply the constant references to Marvel superheros and comics. I thought those references were fun and just saw it as a way of keeping the story realistic, referencing real life content that I could go read myself. Simply keeping it all Marvel just makes sense considering who the publisher is.

The Movie vs. The Comics

I loved the movie, and I loved the comic, but they are very different. The overall story is relatively intact, but how they get to certain endings are quite different. I didn’t feel the movie ruined or fell short of the story, but I do find the movie slowed the pace a bit near the end. The comic is so fast paced which is part of the gore and violence that surprised me. There aren’t the long drawn out monologues before someone is killed. They are killed and we move on. There isn’t the grandstanding that occurs a little more in the movie. Again, I loved both and I see them both as their own stories that can stand on their own. Well done everyone.


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