Comic Review: Animal Man, Vol. 1: The Hunt

Animal Man, Vol. 1: The Hunt
Animal Man, Vol. 1: The Hunt by Jeff Lemire
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Page one made me nervous that this book was going to be an animal rights propaganda piece. Luckily the story didn’t get overly political in any way, in my opinion.

I really enjoyed the story arc in this the first 6 issues. The explanation of the Red, Green, and the Rot was a great introduction for me. I’m not familiar with these concepts in the DC Universe. I’ve read a little bit of the Swamp Thing so my knowledge of this part of the universe is very new to me.

I just noted that I really liked the story, but I’ve only given this book 3 stars. It wasn’t the artwork that dropped that fourth star. The story, was good, but again, good isn’t great in my book which is 4 stars. As good as the story was, I felt it could have used a little more back story. Why is Buddy’s wife so upset about his life? How did he become Animal Man? Some might say that this is what makes this reboot so great. The fact Lemire doesn’t just jump into the typical origin story. He assumes the reader has some knowledge of the character, or those that don’t will have the interest enough to continue following along in hopes that they provide that information. Perhaps he will in Volume 2.

As I noted above, I gave this book 3 stars. I had a hard time dropping that 4th star. The artwork wowed me. It is so different from much of the comics I’ve been reading lately. The depiction of The Red and The Rot is striking, perhaps surreal. I am drawn into the worlds and yet, I want out. It is a scary world in which both The Red and The Rot do not appear desirable realms.

Overall, I’m excited for Volume 2. I would certainly say that 3 stars is not a bad rating. If I could, I’d give it 3.5, but GoodReads doesn’t allow for fractions.

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