Comic Review: Aquaman, Vol. 1: The Trench

Aquaman, Vol. 1: The Trench
Aquaman, Vol. 1: The Trench by Geoff Johns
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We all know that Aquaman hasn’t been the most popular superhero as of late, so I had high hopes for this book. So many people have loved this new reboot of the ever so marginalized man of water. In the first six issues of Geoff Johns’ reboot of Aquaman we see Arthur Curry start to win some of the public over and dispel some of the common misconceptions about the trident wielding superhero.

My impression of the book was very good as you can see by the 4 star rating. Starting with the art, this book was a winner right away. It was up there with the Animal Man series in terms of eye candy. I especially liked the coloring work. Now add in a story that gave a small glimpse into what may have happened to Atlantis, who Mera really is and who Aquaman can and likely will become, it was a great introduction to the character for me. I’ve not read any of the past stories, though I’ve seen some of the artwork and have always thought Aquaman wasn’t given a fair shake. He wasn’t taken seriously by the artists depicting him. This book breaks that mold and I cannot wait to get my hands on volume 2.

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