Weight Loss Challenge – Day 1

Congratulations me on deciding to lose some weight… Again. I recently had a very humbling moment in which someone commented on an old blog post of mine in which I detailed my weight loss success. I had to admit, I have not kept all of my weight off as I had planned.

I could cite plenty of reasons for this; marriage, 3 kids, work, 2nd job, injuries, etc etc. But in the end, these aren’t reasons, they’re excuses. Time to own this and make a change.

So here’s my challenge to myself. My goal is to lose 30 pounds within 6 months from now. That means by April, I should have lost my weight.

How am I going to do it? Well… I can’t run anymore. I really do have an injury that is preventing me from using my old standby of running, so I need a new option.

  1. I’m going to get back on my Weight Watchers diet I had done just before getting married.
  2. I’m going to diversify my workouts. I’ve already begun doing that, I just haven’t changed my eating habits so this shouldn’t be too hard.
  3. I’m going to write about it. Not for the attention. Heck no, it’s so that perhaps, just one of you might help keep me honest. Someone might post a comment of encouragement, or kick my butt when I don’t post. I’m going to write every day. Whether I want to or not. Even if it’s as short as to say, “I’m checking in” I need to be reminded of what I’m working for.

I ask that if you see I’m not staying on task, call me on it. If you don’t care, no worries. This is my thing, not yours.

If you’re interested, I plan on doing a weekly weigh in on Sunday’s. And yes, I will post my weight loss. No… I probably won’t post my overall weight. Not sure why. Probably will at some point. Just not today. And no, no before and after pictures. Who wants to see that? Not me. ha ha ha.

So, today was day one. I haven’t lost any weight…. Ha ha… duh, but I had a great day. I ate exactly my allotted points, and I’m not entirely starving. Whoo Hoo!! Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

6 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 1

  1. Have you ever thought of doing an online fitness challenge group? They are great for accountability with the daily check ins!! I run them through facebook and have found them to be SO rewarding in keeping everyone on task and setting them up with a workout program specific to their needs. And congrats on deciding to make a move to become healthier and lose weight!! That’s great!

    • I’m thinking about signing up for Weight Watchers as I am already familiar with the program for the most part. I haven’t considered an online fitness challenge group, though I’m not against it.

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